Digital Marketing for Healthcare: 7 Proven ways to attract new patients in 2022

7 Proven ways to attract new patients in 2022

There is no denying that digital has changed the outlook for all sectors, especially healthcare. Digital marketing in the healthcare sector helps to reach the right patient at the right time through relevant advertising. Patients have much more options available than ever before. They are no longer calling a doctor’s clinic to arrange an appointment without doing any research first. 

More and more, healthcare patients are conducting their initial research online through websites, reviews, and social media. They check each and every thing about the clinic or the doctor like number of good and positive reviews, doctor’s experience and qualifications, consultation fee, what kind of technologies does the clinic or hospital have, how many people are recommending them, how many happy patients they have etc. before going for any treatment. This is why it’s important to have a planned and budgeted digital marketing plan to target new patients. 


Whether you are a private practice with a team of 10-15 people or a hospital chain of over 500 employees, you should promote your services online to reach out to new patients. You have to go beyond “Word of Mouth” advertising. If you want to win the marketing race in 2022, you have to unleash the power of digital marketing.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare digital marketing is for doctors, private practices, hospitals, healthcare networks, healthcare providers, medical professionals etc. It not only helps reach a wider audience, but also helps in improving their brand image online. You can reach out to millions of people through SEO, social media, google adwords, content marketing, video marketing etc.

Let’s find out the top 7 tried and tested ways to reach more patients in 2022:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the process of optimizing your website to be found in search engines for relevant keyword searches. For eg: If you are a leading dentist in Gurgaon and if someone searches for best dentist in gurgaon or the “best dentist near me” or any other query related to dental, your website will appear in the top organic results.

SEO not only helps in improving keywords rankings but also improves the visibility, website traffic, credibility, ROI of your website.

  • Local SEO: Local SEO is a part of SEO strategy which helps in improving your business visibility in the local search results of Google. Businesses having a physical location or serving a geographic area can benefit from local SEO. Google shows the top 3 business listings before displaying organic search results when you make any search on google.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media management or marketing is the use of social media channels to connect with your audience, build your brand, drive website traffic, boost sales etc by posting relevant and high quality content/posts. Through popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, you can share important updates of your clinic/hospital, services or treatments, educate or interact with the users, share healthcare tips, provide patient support etc. So if you want to reach more customers, you need to enhance your social media presence.


  • PPC Marketing for Better Targeting: PPC is the process of promoting a business through paid advertisements that appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It will put your ads in front of people when they’re ready to make a purchase. PPC is important for every business, especially healthcare. You can generate high quality leads, drive traffic to your website, improve brand awareness etc with PPC marketing services.


  • Video Marketing: Video Marketing plays a crucial role in healthcare’s business marketing. It is no doubt one of the best methods to connect with your prospective patients. You can create different types of videos like patient testimonials, treatments before and after, educational videos, walkthrough of your clinic or hospital etc and share it on your youtube and social media channels. You can go live and have a Q&A session in order to address patients’ queries. Videos keep patients engaged and more connected to your content. 


  • Content Marketing: Content marketing helps healthcare businesses reach and educate people through informative content. It’s one of the best and most powerful techniques of digital marketing. The content marketing strategies in the healthcare domain is not restricted to blogging anymore. You can plan informative blogs, ebooks, webinars, infographics, success stories, FAQs, guest posting and a lot more.


  • Reviews: Reviews are the first thing new patients consider for before setting up an appointment with the doctor. Reviews are a very important part of healthcare digital marketing strategy as they help patients to determine which doctor or healthcare provider to visit and why. Ask your satisfied patients to share their experience with other people by posting reviews on google my business listings, social media or any other online channel.

These are some of the effective ways of attracting new customers for your healthcare business. So, doctors, it’s high time now to go beyond just having a practo listing or a facebook page.

Author BioNishu Sharma is a healthcare marketing expert and is a Co-Founder of Branding Pioneers, a leading healthcare digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.

Increase the Return on Investment in Healthcare Marketing

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the fundamental matrices to assess a strategy’s performance. Increased ROI always reflect your ability to understand market demands and disruptions prevailing in the markets. It is always pivoted around your strategy and flexibility with the strategy. In digital healthcare marketing, ROI plays a paramount role, and here we will elaborate on some key strategic points which can help you make a considerable increase in the ROI.


Calculating ROI

In healthcare marketing, people differ on the ways to calculate the ROI. For some, ROI should be viewed in terms of crude cash earned after adjusting with the investment. But others believe ROI is much more comprehensive in scope and should be conflated with the impact of financial decisions. Financial decisions targeted to increase revenue growth with a specific quantum of investment are more holistic approaches to calculate ROI.

Usually, one of the standard formula-

But using these equations is crude and doesn’t elaborate on the technical aspects. A strategy’s workability should be juxtaposed with the results to ascertain which strategic decision led to increased revenue.


ROI- Reflection of a rainbow of Strategic Decisions

ROI, when seen from different reference frames, we can ascertain what’s working and whatnot. So we have to see it from a different perspective to ensure a continuous increase in revenue growth.

  • Lead Generation is one of the crucial metrics for the calculation of ROI. Although restricting ROI to only lead generation is also not a good approach. But taking it into account will always help you in tweaking your strategy to get the best results.
  • Conversions are yet another crucial aspect that speaks volumes of the impact of your strategy. These are the result of your efforts and thus directly linked to ROI. Although conversions should also be seen in a broader perspective, e.g. How many people gave their details for downloading the lead magnet from your website?
  • Educating customers about your brand is also an essential part of ROI, wherein you can assess how many people understood what you were trying to communicate to a customer.
  • Customer’s Satisfaction ensures that he/she is more likely to come again, which will lead to further revenue growth. It gives a picture of ROI in prospect.

Ways to Increase the ROI

There are several ways to increase the ROI, but we will go into the most effective ones adapted by leading digital healthcare marketing agencies worldwide.


Understanding the customer’s mindset

  • One of the mistakes digital healthcare marketing agencies commit is that they want to impose their strategy on customers than tweaking the strategy in coherence with the consumer mindset.
  • Targeting customers becomes much easier when you know the requirements of the market. It helps in resource management, and one can see its reflection in ROI.


Not taking a risk, the biggest risk.

  • Nobody knows for sure what’s going to work in a dynamic market wherein anything can trend the next moment, and suddenly something can go out of trend. So risk-taking is paramount to increased ROI.
  • Global digital marketing agencies in the Healthcare sector take risks all the time by exploring uncharted territories. One ad campaign, one Video ad or One hashtag can sometimes bring an unprecedented impact.
  • A sustainable approach is always the best choice in healthcare marketing, but overly relying on sustainability may end up hurting innovation. One needs to strike a balance between sustainability and innovation to witness a continuous rise in ROI.


ROI and Revenue growth 

  • ROI and Revenue growth are inseparable. Thus one should always give the top priority to revenue. Seeing ROI solely from a revenue perspective may not be the best strategy, but ROI heavily banks on revenue growth. And a client always sees ROI in terms of revenue growth for their investment in marketing their goods or services.
  • Revenue Growth can be augmented by a series of steps from increasing sales by proper targeting to managing the overall costs of paid advertisement on different platforms. Healthcare Marketing agencies deploy different methods, which vary from case to case basis.


ROI is a crucial aspect of digital marketing in the healthcare sector, which helps generate confidence in the client and the service provider. Having a decent ROI in different projects is usually among the top USP healthcare marketing agencies across the globe. A simple change in ROI outlook will go way far than seeing it in crude hard cash earned on investments.

Marketing Oncology Treatments

With the growing number of cancer patients and new research, oncology treatment is among the most sought treatments. It is an uphill task for a new establishment to beat the existing players who have their names on top. As marketing agencies usually take a “One Size fits all” approach, the branding process starts reflecting mediocrity in strategy.

What are the Challenges in Marketing Oncology Department?

  • Healthcare marketing companies always mistakes Oncology with other departments, and hence a generalise strategy is presented.
  • With the growing number of cancer hospitals, the competition has become stiff.
  • Since it is a lengthy treatment process, getting a patient is more challenging than retaining.
  • Big Hospitals get more funding as they are backed mainly by big corporates, so smaller brands somehow lag.
  • Varying market demands a constant change in marketing strategies which Branding Agencies seldom do.


Juxtaposing Oncology Marketing with Other Departments

  • The marketing Oncology department needs a deep understanding of the department, keeping up with new treatment methods, updating SEOs to keep up the page ranking, and many other distinct marketing strategies.
  • Healthcare marketing is less of a highway and more of a crowded market place. To create the maximum impact in the digital space, you need to be explicit in showing what you are providing.
  • Most of the departments in a hospital need not have a pool of well-known doctors. But when it comes to Oncology, the Doctor reputation management plays a crucial role in the department’s overall branding.
  • The cost of treatment varies in different medical treatments, but Cancer treatment is still one of the costliest treatment. So, targeting patients has to be done with the utmost care by considering the average treatment cost, spending capability of the target audience, and many other factors.


Stiff Competition

Ancient Roman Poet Ovid said, “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”

  • Understanding the nature of competition always makes you future-ready. It also helps in you better strategising and making amends necessary for your enhanced presence in the market.
  • Comprehensive research on the competition can shape your strategy in a better way than anything else. For instance, knowing the most sought cancer treatment, the rate of increase of cancer patients in different locations, new equipment being used by your competitors, etc., can help you channel your efforts.
  • To excel in a cut-throat competition, make sure you offer something that none of your competitors is offering and financially viable too in the long term.


Patient Walk-ins and Patient Retention

  • In cancer treatment, patients walk-in and in most cases, they remain with the same hospital/clinic, so patient retention per se isn’t too big an issue for the Oncology department.
  • A cancer patient is always terrified, provided the kind of disease it is and the mortality rate. Ensuring that a patient continues at your hospital needs a straightforward procedure to be presented to the patient.
  • To bring patients, one needs to have a unique strategy in place. Branding Pioneers had a mid-budget Oncology treatment promotion, and we gave them an option of “Second Free Opinion.” The results were outstanding with more than Fifteen confirmed patients in one month with over 150 walk-ins.


Making the best use of available resources

  • There are big hospital groups with million-dollar investment backing, so resource management becomes paramount in the case of a low or mid-cap hospital.
  • Directing the resources with heavily banking on market analysis can help considerable funds.
  • Healthcare marketing in the digital space has a two-fold benefit. First, it saves money and second makes your Oncology treatment reach a relatively much larger audience.
  • Branding Pioneers is a leading agency with a proven track record of marketing all segment hospitals. So we have way more experience than others in our field while dealing with clients of different spending targets.


A Mosaic of Strategies

  • What worked for someone in a similar situation as yours may not work in your case. The flexibility of making amends gives you an edge over others in digital healthcare marketing.
  • Understanding the markets means a blend of strategies for a different set of challenges. For instance, google lead generation helps get conversions, but complimenting it with a series of video ads will have a complementary effect.
  • Just like the Oncology treatment is continuously changing, the digital healthcare marketing space is also changing. New tools and techniques are brought in to augment the performance, so getting sucked with a process that had successful result in the past isn’t a good decision.

Branding Pioneers has the distinction of working with India’s leading healthcare companies, Hospital Groups and Doctors. We have maintained a consistent performance with every client of ours, and this is something which has helped in maintaining our reputation over the years. Our client’s performance and satisfaction is the biggest asset which has helped us scale up over the years. We are all set to turn the spark of your handwork into flames of achievement.

Premium Maternity Care Hospital Marketing

Child Birth is a momentous occasion for any couple, and money isn’t a significant factor. This factor accentuates to an altogether new level in Premium Maternity Hospitals. The patient base is distinct, and their concerns include safe childbirth and best in class post-birth care.


What are the challenges associated with the digital marketing of the Premium Segment Maternity Hospital?

  • To be aware of the needs of customers wherein they are least concerned about the monetary aspect.
  • Identifying the customer base since only well-heeled people can afford Premium Maternity Hospitals.
  • Targeting through social-media in groups used by the relatively affluent class of the society.
  • Use of video ads and other visual media to showcase the kind of amenities provided by the hospital.
  • Re-designing website to give an aesthetic appeal reflecting the class of treatment the hospital provides.


Transforming Challenges to Opportunities


Needs of the Customer:

  • One of the biggest mistakes in Healthcare Marketing is conflating the needs of customers with your goals.
  • Understanding the demands of an elite section of patients involves extensive research that requires adaptation of global best practices. The amenities provided by high-end hospitals in Western Countries can be a benchmark to uplift the hospital’s overall performance.
  • A high-end hospital is expected to have top in-line non-medical facilities too, and highlighting them on your website can be an excellent puller for patients seeking high-class treatment.
  • Patients seeking treatment in such hospitals are usually well-aware of the latest advancement, so displaying those advance treatments on your websites front section can substantiate your claim of a premium hospital.




Targeting the Audience:

  • A well-planned strategy needs to be put in place to ascertain the Target Audience, which involves social media, ad campaigns, lead generation, etc.
  • Tie-up with other big brands will increase your brand value in the sight of your target audience, which, in a way, will be a significant addendum.
  • Doctor’s profile management is yet another tool that is very efficient to increase conversions. Putting the experience, specialised treatment, etc., will give the visitor a sense of assurance of the treatment’s qualitative aspect.
  • Putting up ads with other high-end products and services will make your ad reach society’s desired section.


Use of Social Media:

  • Use of Social Media in a planned manner with a focus on high-end social groups, running ads at trans-national locations, etc., is poised to optimise your patient walk-ins.
  • Handing out reviews on specific landing pages with excellent quality content describing the treatment methods will not only expand your reach but also optimise the conversion rate.
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., can be of great help, but running campaigns with potential customers in mind will ultimately yield results. Non-strategised and unplanned ad campaigns will not lead to desired results. Instead, it will be a waste of resources at best.



Video ads and Other Visual Media:

  • The use of video ads is one of the best things for marketing premium hospitals since they spend a lot on aesthetics and appearance. Showcasing these qualities through video-ads makes an appeal to the patients seeking maternity treatment in a Premium hospital.
  • Videos’ use to explain Complex treatment methods and availability of advanced equipment has worked for many hospitals. Branding Pioneers has a well-equipped facility for video production with India’s best ad-producers at its state-of-art video production Centre.
  • The use of YouTube videos and video ads for patient reviews assures a prospective customer about maternity care at a premium hospital.



Designing Website to give an affluent look:

  • Anyone who clicks on an ad is directed towards your website, and it has been proved through various scientific studies that a prospective patient takes the decision sub-consciously in the first few seconds.
  • The appearance of a website providing premium service always looks premium. For instance, take any brand used by well-heeled people, e.g. Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Hyatt group of Hotels, etc., there is one common thing, and it is their stunning website. So Why shall a Premium Maternity Hospital be any different?
  • All the information that ensures the qualitative aspect should be highlighted in a fluidic manner without getting from one section to another. All the statistics, Modern Amenities, Satisfied Patients, Infrastructure of the Hospital should take the front space in a slider.
  • “Call Button” should be put in such a place and such a manner that it takes minimum space and easily visible.


Branding Pioneers has worked with one of India’s most premium hospital groups. Our marketing services provide you with a comprehensive service from in-house video production, the best content for content marketing, well-experienced SEO teams, marketing strategists, and many other services. Scaling-up your business is our commitment, and the long list of clients is a testimony to our efforts.

Marketing a Hospital v Individual Doctor Marketing

Marketing is altogether a different ball game in the case of Hospitals and cases of Individual Doctors. When it comes to marketing, you have to get into the details, and this is why marketing strategies need to be revamped as per the needs of the business model and the marketing domain in which they are operating. Marketing strategies need to be made in different cases, and this is where the real game begins.


Marketing a Hospital

Hospital Marketing involves elements of scale, and this is the reason why one needs to do strategize it accordingly. Hospitals have to be seen from a unique frame of reference wherein different departments are to be handled so that we have a balanced approach while considering other treatment methods.


Highlight the unique aspect 

  • Highlighting the unique aspect helps make clear goals with respect to those aspects, making them stand out of the crowd.
  • Certain features can be highlighted, which can only be assessed by a thorough market analysis.
  • Highlighting unique treatment methods, best specialists of specific departments and hospital infrastructure are crucial aspects that help accentuate your market position.

Making an eye-appealing Website 

  • Displaying hospitals’ pictures showcasing its infrastructural and treatment facilities with a professional photography team deployed to work can do things that one may not possibly anticipate.
  • Making different sections for different treatments is standard practice, but complimenting it with GIFs, infographics, etc., can make a substantial difference in the treatment.
  • Always provide a lead magnet which will translate into more conversions.


Deploy Different Channels of Advertisement 

The use of social media with more focus on visual representation is a big differentiator.

Hospitals can comfortably go for TV-based ads, which enhances the reputation of a hospital.

Paid channels of advertisement should be deployed since they are the best tool for lead generation and augment your presence.



Individual Doctor’s Marketing

Individual Doctor’s marketing has by and large similar marketing elements, but the scale and scope vary broadly. They have different challenges and different solutions. So there should be a different strategy for them, and it shouldn’t be conflated with that of a hospital. Healthcare marketing agencies are most likely to commit this error and end up wasting resources.


Patient Retention 

  • Establishing a connection with patients post-treatment should be emphasized in the case of individual doctors. Patient retention becomes way more manageable when you have a communication channel, and it can be emails, phone calls, etc.
  • As per a recent survey, around 23% of healthcare industries witness an average open rate, and the click-through rate is roughly about 4%.
  • Communicating through patients can be multi-faceted, from wishing the patients on their birthdays to regular communication on their well-being.


Use of Alternate Method of Consultation 

  • Video Consultations are becoming popular nowadays, and big hospitals are readily adopting them. Individual doctors can do it more readily since the overall setup cost is less and the required infrastructure is quite reasonable.
  • Telephonic consultation is also gaining much traction nowadays, which is not much prevalent in India. It can be a real game-changer for an individual doctor to provide such service, and it can be easily infused as a paid-service.


Reputation Management


  • Although it is not restricted to individual doctors, it is of paramount importance to individual doctors.


  • Hiring a specialized agency can make a real difference which starts yielding in the first few months. Branding Pioneers has dealt with renowned Hospital groups and Individual Specialists, and their results speak for themselves.


  • Reputation Management can enable a much larger section of people to know about a Doctor’s specialization and explicitly highlighting the aspects which can help in Reputation Building.


These are some of the fundamental differences one should always consider while strategizing for different clients. Taking a blanket approach to Healthcare marketing can be a fatal mistake for both the agency and the client. Branding Pioneers has built a name in the digital healthcare space wherein we ensure Brand Management is done as per your needs and the market’s prevailing conditions.

5G- The Next Big Thing In Healthcare Marketing

There was a time when the internet was seen as a method to connect the global village. Nobody would have possibly thought the diversifications it took, and here we are in 2021, all set to explore the 5th Generation internet. Different sectors used the internet for different purposes, and they have excelled in an unprecedented manner. This has been in the healthcare sector in general and healthcare marketing in particular too.


How the preceding technology changed the face of Healthcare Marketing?

When 4g came, and at the same time people in India witnessed decent broadband speeds, some techies tried to build a market out of it. In the nascent stage of healthcare marketing, the biggest hurdle was to sway people’s attention towards alternate use of the internet, mainly towards services. It was around this time when the online delivery business also started operating in penultimate gear.

Healthcare marketing agencies started taking up the work from big hospitals, corporates, and famed doctors to augment their reach and ease their overall work burden. The results were nothing short of spectacular, as per a PWC report titled “Indian healthcare on the cusp of a digital transformation,” India’s digital healthcare marketing’s size of 2,083 crore INR in 2015—which is set to rise to 5,184 crore INR by 2020. This unprecedented change happened when we were making a transition. Imagine what’s going to happen when the cat is finally out of the bag.


What’s going to be different in 5G?

When the face of the internet changed with the advent of 4G, the ambit of use definitely diversified. But 5G is altogether a different ball game. It is going to overhaul the entire facet of healthcare marketing. If you want the answers to the possible changes, we are providing you with, few probables since nobody can anticipate the full use of 5G. The possibilities are infinite.


Social Media

  • Internet surfing speed breaching 1GB/s will dramatically augment the social media viewing experience, which in turn will be an opportunity for brewing entrepreneurs to shoot at the top of the food chain.
  • The video viewing experience will also change with the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The use of videos will see a renewed and accelerated use in enhancing the overall user experience.


Patient Acquisition

  • With 5G around your marketing helm, the patient acquisition will be a lot easier, but revamping your strategy will be paramount to witness the results. Providing doctors with a website equipped with AR or VR-enabled systems will create a big difference between you and your competitors.
  • With Blockchain technology, the collection of data for targeting will see a multi-fold increase. Being acquainted with 5Gs application is the best solution to make the best use of it.


Enhanced User Experience

  • User experience is one of the basic tenets of digital healthcare marketing, and this is going to see a massive change with higher speeds and reduced latency.
  • Websites will have to be re-designed to make them more compatible with 5G. High graphics quality, new and innovative navigation for websites, etc.


Data Collection

  • It is one of the best things that’s going to happen in a full-fledged 5G network. The data collection will be much easier, and its applications will expand beyond targeting and lead generation.
  • Cloud-based healthcare marketing will see an entirely new landscape with the use of 5G. And Indian tech-based companies have already started making a strong foothold in this sector.


Re-skilling of Doctors and Healthcare professionals 

  • To use the new technology, healthcare marketing agencies will have an additional task of making doctors and healthcare professionals understand the revamped system’s nitty-gritty.
  • Virtual Diagnosis will be the new normal, which will involve a substantial amount of effort to make its best use.


Beyond the Sight

5G will bring a new revolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To be acquainted with the use of AI is something which is going to take time and will not happen suddenly. But the transition can be smooth only if we are doing good in other areas. The use of AI for diagnosis, emergencies, remote consultations among specialists are few applications.

This technical revolution is all set to come, and there is no doubt that it will be a bit difficult for all of us to make the transition. But it’s all about the pace of adaptation. The faster we adapt, the better will be our position in the booming digital healthcare marketing industry.

Digital Healthcare Marketing- An ocean of Opportunities

There has been a severe job loss situation in most countries. Governments are fighting tooth and nail to combat the rising joblessness. With everything in mind, the digital world has emerged as a winner. The latest report, titled “Jobs on the Rise” by LinkedIn, encompassed 15 countries and their job trends. The best part of this report was that a big chunk of it was work from home. These jobs are on the rise, and the required skill set can be acquired through online courses.


Healthcare Marketing and Job Opportunities

  • One of the basic tenets of having a preferred job is to bring comfort with a decent flow of income. Fortunately, digital marketing in the healthcare sector has both the element in abundance and the figures speaks for themselves.
  • Emerging economies have a big pool of market-ready skilled workforce, and the market trends are also rising. The digital footprint of the Indian population has more than 82% presence on YouTube alone, which happens to be a preferred social media platform for healthcare marketing.
  • India has the world’s second-largest speaking population globally, making it a preferred nation for content marketing-related projects. Healthcare marketing also depends overtly on content marketing as it is one of the best result-yielding strategies.
  • As the world has shifted its gears offline to online, the healthcare sector has paced way faster than any other industry. COVID has been a big-time accelerator. Healthcare Marketing agencies are flooded with clients to significantly impact the overall treatment process, which will bring a lot of new jobs.


Grasping the Opportunity


  • The demand for online healthcare marketing increases faster in western countries than in Asian countries. But the presence of a vast pool of skilled workforce can help us grab the opportunity as a big chunk of work will be outsourced.


  • As per LinkedIn’s report, more than 150 million technology-centric jobs will be created in the next five years. The absorption of these jobs will bring a cut-throat competition, so bracing up for this opportunity is the best way to take the biggest pie of the cake.


  • India’s medical sector has made an excellent name for itself over the years, and clubbing it with India’s digital workforce makes us the biggest contender for future jobs. Healthcare marketing jobs are poised to see an exponential rise.


  • Most of the big Pharma, Healthcare products, Hospital Chains, Individual Medical Practitioners are trying to grab the online space. This has called for big-time job opportunities for the youth who is already well-versed with technology and all set to make it a source of income and livelihood.


A Quantum leap for Tier 2, Tier 3, and Emerging Urban Centres.

  • As more and more connectivity is being actively pushed through the government’s Digital India initiative, smaller towns and emerging urban centres are becoming big hubs.
  • The growth is levered around the digital revolution’s fulcrum, and India’s youth will be the biggest beneficiary.
  • Smaller towns will be the upcoming business centres in the digital world with increasing penetration of mobile internet.
  • With an increase in digital healthcare marketing, doctors and hospitals in a smaller town will also choose digital marketing to increase their web presence. Localized targeting using digital marketing is going to pave the way for healthcare marketing agencies in smaller cities.


Infinite Opportunities but not a Cakewalk

  • There is ample opportunity for job creation in healthcare marketing, but certainly, this isn’t going to be a cakewalk. Digital literacy has started pacing up, but the growth is not satisfactory.
  • India’s 66% population lives in rural areas, and a majority of them depend on agriculture or allied sectors. They have little or no digital literacy, which is going to be a big hurdle.
  • On the part of the government, the lack of structured education in digital marketing courses or government incentives is the reason for the lag.
  • Countries like the US have already started taking note of it, and this year New York University has created a certificate course in Healthcare marketing. But the same can’t be said about India’s top Universities.

Indeed, there are many challenges in the digital healthcare marketing space. The extent to which they can grow will warrant a concerted effort from the government and industry. Our overt inclination towards rote learning has to go away, and a more industry-oriented curriculum is needed. Making structural reforms is the best way to dismantle the existing pre-colonial era education system. Making the youth industry-ready will be the best thing to capitalize on our demographic dividend.

Rethinking Healthcare Marketing in 2021

With the advent of the internet and cheap data, the reach of a commoner to the web has risen exponentially. Online Healthcare marketing has seen a boom with the use of the internet, but now the competition is getting very stiff. The need of the hour is to equip yourself with new emerging technology, aka the next-generation technology.


What are the challenges faced by Healthcare Marketing Agencies?

  • The growing number of digital marketing agencies involved in the space has created tough competition.
  • With the entry of agencies backed by big corporate houses, the financial viability and resource use are also shrinking.
  • The emergence of new marketing options in the Least Developing Countries also leading Healthcare giants to outsource the marketing work.
  • Re-skilling is being done at a much slower pace in contrast to the rising demand from the healthcare sector.

In the midst of the internet revolution, digital healthcare marketing soared exponentially, and the market is all set to raise its bar to a whopping $20billion by 2024. But the moot question is, who is going to get benefited? The answer is derived from the Darwinian Theory of “The Survival of the Fittest.” If you are ready to walk a step ahead of others, certainly you will be the winner.


How to Cope up with the emerging challenges of the Healthcare sector marketing?

  • The first step towards solving a problem is, deciphering the nature of the problem. In contemporary times, sectoral growth isn’t an issue. Rather making space for yourself is.
  • Brace yourself for next-generation technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc., are the tools of this decade to improve your performance.
  • Investing in the next generation of technology is a one-time investment to step your marketing capabilities to unprecedented heights.
  • Cut-throat competition is only observed in the usual segment of healthcare marketing, but if a marketing agency starts using next-generation technology at this point in time. You have made a space for yourself at the top of the food chain for at least the next two decades.
  • The sudden spike in the competition is visible, and it’s only going to worsen with more and more marketing agencies entering the arena in the upcoming years. To have an edge with a planned strategy involves new financial models, new technology, and re-skilling your existing workforce.
  • A Harvard Business Review report quoting World Economic Forum stated that hiring someone from outside can cost six times more than re-skilling. This suffices to prove the need for re-skilling in healthcare marketing.


New Approach in the New Normal

  • If a digital marketing agency has all the necessary expertise to set up a perfect video interaction tool for a medical practitioner, most likely that agency will get more referrals from that doctor or hospital.
  • All the approaches should be consumer-centric since your performance metrics solely depend on the results, which is the customer.
  • Making the services more accessible through Telehealth tools, using videos to demonstrate treatment methods, and making post-treatment calls are few services that don’t need much investment but can be a game-changer in terms of consumer response.
  • Helping Healthcare brands forge partnerships across sub-segments within the sector can also help in revamping the overall business architecture.

The problems are enormous, so are the solutions. Our way of looking at the challenges will ultimately determine whether we are going to convert these challenges into an opportunity or succumb to them. Few fundamentals need tweaking, and the rest will follow automatically. The crux of the matter is that “We don’t have to do different things, rather do things differently.” This only change in strategy and outlook can completely revamp healthcare marketing.

India’s healthcare industry- A brief detail

India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing globally, and it is the third-largest in incremental growth.  India has always been the most popular location for medical tourists from across the globe. In the present times, even in 800BC, people also came from across the world to get medical treatment and learn medicines from experts like Sushruta. India is all set to take the reigns of being the top destination for healthcare.


The devil lies in the details.

One of the prominent reasons for India’s emergence as the top medical destination is the inherent sense of hospitality in the Indian culture. This is helping India in becoming the most sought destination for medical treatments. India has already treaded on the path to success, and here are specific facts to substantiate the argument.


  • India’s healthcare industry is all set to hit the $372billion mark by 2022.


  • India’s hospitals form a significant part of the healthcare industry, and it sees rapid growth. The market size of the hospital industry is expected to be at $132billion.


  • The primary care sector hasn’t performed so well, but the advent of COVID has raised concerns for its total revamp. With active collaboration from the private sector, it is expected to see a substantial increment from the current $13billion mark.


  • India’s government has also shown its intent towards revamping the healthcare industry via the Ayushman Bharat scheme, which now has over 50000 centres.


  • India’s healthcare tourism has also seen an upward trend in the last decade. The industry’s total market size is expected to rise from $3billion to $8billion by the end of 2020.


What do the numbers reflect?

The numbers are a clear reflection of the booming growth this sector will see in the coming years. It will have a different interpretation for different people.


For Hospitals 

  • The numbers show the size of the hospital industry in the overall market value. The sector is poised to see extraordinary growth, of which hospitals are going to be the biggest beneficiary.
  • As the market size will increase, it will happen with an increased flow of healthcare concerned people. Hospitals will witness a cut-throat competition, and each one of them will aim to absorb most of the patients.
  • The increased flow of patients should be juxtaposed with an increased number of hospitals which means a quest to be on the top.


For Individual Doctors

  • It will be an excellent opportunity for Individual Doctors to up the ante by taking over a big chunk of patients who don’t want to go to directly to a hospital for mild treatments or, for that matter, any other reasons.
  • Individual Doctors will be in a much better position through healthcare marketing to increase the patient flow at their clinics.
  • Individual Doctors can have a significant role in giving specialized treatment at competitive prices because of the lower cost of infrastructure management and affordable healthcare marketing through the digital medium.


For Healthcare Marketing Agencies

  • As per the Invest India portal of the Government of India, the National Digital Health Blueprint will have an estimated size of a whopping $200billion.
  • A significant part of India’s aim to become the world’s medical capital will be fulfilled by the Healthcare Marketing Agencies.
  • The healthcare marketing agencies will have all the bearing to put the hospitals and doctors on the web for their overall branding. And they are well-equipped to take the job with the expanding web services and people’s reliance on the internet for their day to day needs.
  • Hospitals and Individual Doctors will need branding agencies to put them on the top of the web, and they will be overtly inclining on Branding Agencies for their reputation management.
  • The Healthcare Marketing agencies will have a crucial role to play with the Internet reaching every nook and corner of the country.

With the government’s increased financing through the Public-Private Partnership Model, India will see tremendous growth in the healthcare sector. It is the best time to grab the markets since the competitors are relatively lesser in number, destined to see immense growth. As per the Government of India’s reports, the healthcare market has registered a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 22.9%. A step today will be an incentive tomorrow.


The marketing Cardiology department is quite essential amid the rising number of patients with cardiac-related problems. Several cardiologists and hospitals are bestowed with skills that can take them to the top, but the lack of marketing inhibits your hospital’s growth. In the digital era, change is directly proportional to marketing. If you are not marketing, somebody else will do, which may eventually end up affecting your existing patient base too.

Ten ways to ensure optimum patient flows and enhanced presence on the digital space-

Hiring a marketing agency with an existing track record- It is paramount to hire an agency that has already proven its credentials. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and assurance about the success of your hospital. Branding Pioneers has had several leading cardiologists and Hospital’s cardiology department as clients, and the results have been spectacular in all these cases.

Channelize your investment- Hiring a good marketing agency gives the best results and ensures your assets channelization. There are several ways to promote a cardiologist or Cardiology department, but knowing which one to use and what proportion creates the difference- a balanced investment by analyzing Social Media Campaigns, Google ads, Video Campaigns, etc.

Doctor’s Reputation Management- A crucial aspect to attract more patients. We tend to seek service from those professionals with an outstanding reputation. The same thing happens with Cardiologists or Cardiology Department in a hospital. The better your reputation, the more patients will walk into your facility. Branding Pioneers work on reputation management by making several landing pages for each treatment, making your presence more visible than others over the web.

Social Media Campaigns- Social Media Campaigns have gained much traction in recent years, with billions of people using them every day. As per a recent study, around 38% of people rely on the internet to gather information about doctors and hospitals. In another survey, approximately 29% of social media users rely on the experiences of other patients.

Use of Virtual Medium of Interactions- With the advent of COVID, people don’t seem comfortable going directly to clinics or hospitals. Having a robust mechanism for giving video consultation will provide you with an edge over 90% of cardiologists. There is an exclusive section of Healthcare marketing agencies providing such architecture, enabling you to have a flawless video consultation system.

Location-based SEO- In cardiology, surgical precision is needed at every step of treatment. Branding Pioneers also believe in surgical and precise targeting to ensure maximum conversions. SEO research teams provide that our results are in the top searches. We have a well-developed mechanism to do Local SEO, intra-national SEO, and even trans-National SEO.

Paid Marketing- The use of Google ads is one method of paid marketing, and if coupled with market research, it dramatically augments your visibility on the web. Use of Re-Targeting is another method through which we know what a visitor liked on your, giving more relevant ads.

Offering Lead Magnets- A yet another tool, and perhaps a very efficient one. Lead Magnets are digital handouts in exchange for some details like mobile number, email-id, etc. This helps us in directly contacting a prospective patient and take follow-ups.

Website Optimisation- Websites are designed for various purposes, and when it comes to healthcare website, it needs a unique design. Branding Pioneers, having a broad client base of medicos and hospitals, we have designed hundreds of websites. The orderly presence of services, specialization, performance reports, etc., can make a substantial difference to a layman.

Making use of 4th Industrial Revolution tech- Use of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial IoT can help bring a substantial change in the marketing structure. Branding Pioneers make use of next-generation technology to ensure maximum output at the most competitive pricing.

These are few strategies that can make a considerable change and make your medical facility among the most sought. These strategies can help when coupled with a dedicated branding team. As a renowned business strategist Michael, Porter once said, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do,” and we will precisely help you with this.