What strategies can be used for a successful healthcare marketing campaign?

The evolution of digital marketing is very prominent today, especially in the Healthcare Industry. Healthcare Industry has progressed in many ways. However, for a long time, this industry was lagging. If we dive more in-depth, other than the healthcare industry, several customer care industries have been slow in embracing this change. With close monitoring, we come to know that healthcare industry, which is a customer care oriented industry finds it difficult to keep up with innovations of other sectors. And more importantly, the priority of the healthcare industry is patient care.

According to a study conducted, it was found that 77% of patients performed online research before making an appointment with a doctor. Another study found that 80% of internet users researched their medical conditions and health-related topics online.

It is evident that consumers and patients make the most of the knowledge available to them online. Be it a condition that exists or may exist, patients and customers are using the internet space for everything. This makes it essential for an industry like healthcare to make the most of this opportunity.

If we step back to see the evolution of healthcare marketing, we see that traditional marketing only focussed on print, radio, and direct mail. Campaigns were launched without any real-time adjustments, and there was no follow up once the ads were published. It was easier for doctors to acquire patients as patients were more in number and less proactive about their health. The supply of good doctors and hospitals was also limited.

Today’s healthcare is much different from that of the past. Due to advancements in technology and tools, patients are healthier, live longer, and rely on healthcare providers lesser. With access to reviews, ratings, and interactive online forums, patients conduct a full survey online before making a final choice.

As healthcare marketing is undergoing a considerable transformation, here are some strategies which play a critical role in engaging patients and driving growth:

01. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engines help to drive almost three times as many visitors to the websites than any other source. 44% of those who visit the website, end up scheduling an appointment. Healthcare Marketers can help search engines recognize their brand and rank their content like blogs, testimonials, and video content by using appropriate keywords and writing informative content descriptions. Marketers should create content which aligns with unique text and phrases. The mobile website should also be optimized for easy navigation, along with maintaining fast load time.

02. Video Content

Video Marketing is the next big thing. Videos serve as an excellent opportunity to engage consumers in the healthcare industry. Using videos can increase conversation by 80%. Healthcare is an informative, content-rich, and an innately personal industry. Patient testimonials and stories help in developing a sense of trust in an organization before making a decision. Videos also serve as an effective medium for providing information about issues which complex and challenging to understand. Even though videos are time consuming process, they are worth the investment.

03. Social Media Engagement

Social Media is widely used by almost all age groups today. These platforms can be used to engage patients and initiate conversations. In the case of Healthcare Social Media, the marketing strategy should include discussions, networking, and promoting healthcare. Building patient trust with the help of social media can help in generating leads. Paid campaigns also work well to reach the right target audience.

04. Personalized Campaigns

Health is a very personal subject. Therefore, personalizing campaigns on social media can work very well for healthcare organizations. Reaching the right target audience is an essential requisite in every marketing strategy as it can help in attaining valuable customer data which can be used to create an even more targeted and detailed campaign.

05. Analytics

Social Media gives organizations and promoters the ability to track their performance. This helps in making real-time adjustments if the campaign deviates from its course. Analytics can help in making important decisions relating to planning and execution. This data obtained through marketing analytics can be used to the organisations advantage in deciding what works and doesn’t.

06. Emails

Email Marketing is a low cost and an effective medium of communication. It can be made highly personalized, and if executed correctly, the return on investment can be very significant. With some critical things in place like mobile website optimization, clear interface, and responsive navigation, it can perform very well. Emails can be about wellness tips, new technology, symptom relief measures, etc. Digital Marketing can immensely help the healthcare industry. By making content which is fresh, useful with a targeted outreach can give good returns. Improvements can be made by analyzing the data to serve the patients better.

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