An Easy Guide To Social Media Marketing For Dentists

For dentists who are struggling with patient retention, digital marketing is your calling. The dental industry is projected to be worth $36.8 billion this year. To have a fair share in this projection, dentists need to take the first step towards social media marketing.

For a very long time, dentists have been dependent on word of mouth for marketing. This practice has helped many dentists establish good practice. However, with people using the internet as their source of information, dentists need to start building a social media presence.

Why is Social Media Marketing important for Dentists?

With more people moving online, potential patients are accustomed to seeking out information on the internet for their needs. While referrals will always be a means to attract new patients, having a good balance between traditional and digital marketing will help dentists gain a competitive edge.

There is no doubt that dentists are in a bit of a different stance when it comes to the medical fraternity. They need to keep reiterating to their patients that what they are doing is important and something patients need.

People are aware that they need to visit a dentist to get their teeth and gums checked, but people get complacent when it comes to paying a visit. One of the biggest challenges faced by dentists is to remind their patients to schedule their appointment.

How can Social Media play to a Dentist’s advantage?

Social Media Marketing can help build trust in the eyes of patients. Letting your patients know that they are in safe hands will help remove the stigma around the dental visits. Social Media is a great way to learn what your patient’s fears are and how you can help them get over their fears.

Using humor, fun, and relatable content can make it interesting for your patients to look forward to seeing you. Dentists can build a personality for themselves, which is beyond their dental practice.

Here are some key advantages that can play to dentist’s social media marketing:

Ideal for Attracting New Patients

Healthcare decisions are never taken in haste. People always want the best medical services when it comes to their health. For the same reason, a lot of people use search engines and social media to find doctors. Various things can help dentists attract a new patient like positive google reviews, social media presence, etc. Suppose a dentist is active on social media and always interacts with his/her audience. In that case, there is a high chance that he/she will be considered more credible compared to any other option that doesn’t have a digital presence at all.

Better Patient-Doctor Relationships

Many people avoid going to the dentist for different reasons. Some people are scared, and some people don’t think it’s important. For this gap between prospects being scary and complacent, social marketing can do wonders. Social Media gives dentists a chance to build healthier relationships with their patients. Using Social Media channels to show customer journeys, testimonials, behind the scenes, and the successful results of dental treatment can demonstrate to your prospects that your practice and knowledge are worth it for them. Dentists can also leverage Social Media to spread information, educate patients through blogs, short videos, posts, etc.

Less Expensive than Traditional Marketing

Social Media Marketing is comparatively much cheaper than traditional marketing. In Social Media marketing, it is possible to single out the target audience easily and only advertise to them. Other than this, dentists can go the organic route and produce content that can attract patients without advertising. Even if a dentist wants to advertise, setting budgets is much simpler. The approach can be changed, and campaigns can be stopped or extended whenever needed.

Easy to Measure Real-Time Results

Digital Marketing is very easy to monitor. Through statistics, it is possible to understand what content is working and what is not. With audience insights in digital marketing, Dentists can take corrective measures and leverage what works for their audience to their advantage. Whereas in the case of Traditional Marketing, the ad is directed not only to your target audience but also to others. Along with this, in traditional marketing, there is no way to tell how many people see the ad.

As more and more people get easy access to the internet, digital marketing will replace traditional marketing to a large extent. For professionals who have their expertise in a niche market, digital marketing is the way for them to go ahead.

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