Digital Healthcare Marketing- An ocean of Opportunities

There has been a severe job loss situation in most countries. Governments are fighting tooth and nail to combat the rising joblessness. With everything in mind, the digital world has emerged as a winner. The latest report, titled “Jobs on the Rise” by LinkedIn, encompassed 15 countries and their job trends. The best part of this report was that a big chunk of it was work from home. These jobs are on the rise, and the required skill set can be acquired through online courses.


Healthcare Marketing and Job Opportunities

  • One of the basic tenets of having a preferred job is to bring comfort with a decent flow of income. Fortunately, digital marketing in the healthcare sector has both the element in abundance and the figures speaks for themselves.
  • Emerging economies have a big pool of market-ready skilled workforce, and the market trends are also rising. The digital footprint of the Indian population has more than 82% presence on YouTube alone, which happens to be a preferred social media platform for healthcare marketing.
  • India has the world’s second-largest speaking population globally, making it a preferred nation for content marketing-related projects. Healthcare marketing also depends overtly on content marketing as it is one of the best result-yielding strategies.
  • As the world has shifted its gears offline to online, the healthcare sector has paced way faster than any other industry. COVID has been a big-time accelerator. Healthcare Marketing agencies are flooded with clients to significantly impact the overall treatment process, which will bring a lot of new jobs.


Grasping the Opportunity


  • The demand for online healthcare marketing increases faster in western countries than in Asian countries. But the presence of a vast pool of skilled workforce can help us grab the opportunity as a big chunk of work will be outsourced.


  • As per LinkedIn’s report, more than 150 million technology-centric jobs will be created in the next five years. The absorption of these jobs will bring a cut-throat competition, so bracing up for this opportunity is the best way to take the biggest pie of the cake.


  • India’s medical sector has made an excellent name for itself over the years, and clubbing it with India’s digital workforce makes us the biggest contender for future jobs. Healthcare marketing jobs are poised to see an exponential rise.


  • Most of the big Pharma, Healthcare products, Hospital Chains, Individual Medical Practitioners are trying to grab the online space. This has called for big-time job opportunities for the youth who is already well-versed with technology and all set to make it a source of income and livelihood.


A Quantum leap for Tier 2, Tier 3, and Emerging Urban Centres.

  • As more and more connectivity is being actively pushed through the government’s Digital India initiative, smaller towns and emerging urban centres are becoming big hubs.
  • The growth is levered around the digital revolution’s fulcrum, and India’s youth will be the biggest beneficiary.
  • Smaller towns will be the upcoming business centres in the digital world with increasing penetration of mobile internet.
  • With an increase in digital healthcare marketing, doctors and hospitals in a smaller town will also choose digital marketing to increase their web presence. Localized targeting using digital marketing is going to pave the way for healthcare marketing agencies in smaller cities.


Infinite Opportunities but not a Cakewalk

  • There is ample opportunity for job creation in healthcare marketing, but certainly, this isn’t going to be a cakewalk. Digital literacy has started pacing up, but the growth is not satisfactory.
  • India’s 66% population lives in rural areas, and a majority of them depend on agriculture or allied sectors. They have little or no digital literacy, which is going to be a big hurdle.
  • On the part of the government, the lack of structured education in digital marketing courses or government incentives is the reason for the lag.
  • Countries like the US have already started taking note of it, and this year New York University has created a certificate course in Healthcare marketing. But the same can’t be said about India’s top Universities.

Indeed, there are many challenges in the digital healthcare marketing space. The extent to which they can grow will warrant a concerted effort from the government and industry. Our overt inclination towards rote learning has to go away, and a more industry-oriented curriculum is needed. Making structural reforms is the best way to dismantle the existing pre-colonial era education system. Making the youth industry-ready will be the best thing to capitalize on our demographic dividend.

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