How to ask patients to write reviews?

Every healthcare provider has the same question in mind- how do I get positive reviews? All doctors, physicians, and medical professionals know the impact of positive reviews. As much as 78% of patients searching for medical services online take reviews in consideration while making their final decision. 

There can be two reasons why a healthcare provider does not have positive reviews. First reason is that the healthcare provider is good at his job but doesn’t have time to chase his patients to write reviews for him and second reason is that the healthcare provider yet doesn’t understand the importance of positive google reviews. 

The truth is that positive Google reviews can help doctors and medical clinics generate new leads and gain patients. But it is also true that doctors don’t have time to chase patients and convince them to write positive google reviews for them. 

This is where the role of a digital marketing company like ours comes into play. Digital marketing companies can help doctors and medical professionals develop a successful marketing strategy and plan of action for targeted advertising. All the lead conversions, through our approach, can write positive google reviews for your medical practice. 

Branding Pioneers is one of the few digital marketing companies focussing on doctors and healthcare providers solely. Over four years, we have collaborated with 100+ doctors and hospitals all over India to help them build their presence online.

Here is how we get started on getting positive google reviews for our partner doctors

Claim Google My Business Listing: Google My Business listing is a must-have if you are a doctor. The first step to getting positive google reviews is to make a profile on Google My Business. Google My Business listing is important as it helps to further manage business information on Google Maps and Google Search. This way you patients can find you and leave you a review easily. 

Respond to Reviews: Responding to reviews can help to improve your image in the minds of your patients and potential patients. As much as 53% of consumers expect a review response from the service provider. Taking out time to respond to reviews can help enhance your online reputation. 

Here are a few ways you can get google reviews: 

Google My Business Marketing Kit: When it comes to Google My Business Marketing Kit, the website lets you personalise marketing material that can help your existing reviews and other business information into social media posts, stickers etc. to promote your business on all online mediums. 

Landing Page: Creating a dedicated landing page can help to get positive Google reviews. A customised landing page can help to encourage customers to talk about their experience with you. Some important aspects that need to be covered are touchpoints that can drive your patients to the page. Landing pages are easily shareable. 

Email Marketing: Emails are an underrated tool in India, however, they are quite effective when it comes to patient feedback. The best way to drive your patients into writing positive google reviews is by keeping the message in email short and authentic. Adding a link to your Google My Business Listing can make it easy for you as well as your patients to leave feedback. 

Make your patient happy: Lastly, the most effective way to get positive Google reviews is indeed by making your patients happy. By delivering an exceptional service for your patients, you can be sure of getting positive google reviews. 

As long as you follow these steps with consistency, you can be sure of getting google reviews. Google reviews are helpful in many ways. They can tell you about your strengths and weaknesses. They also serve as social proof for your brand and help you stand out. 

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