Marketing a Hospital v Individual Doctor Marketing

Marketing is altogether a different ball game in the case of Hospitals and cases of Individual Doctors. When it comes to marketing, you have to get into the details, and this is why marketing strategies need to be revamped as per the needs of the business model and the marketing domain in which they are operating. Marketing strategies need to be made in different cases, and this is where the real game begins.


Marketing a Hospital

Hospital Marketing involves elements of scale, and this is the reason why one needs to do strategize it accordingly. Hospitals have to be seen from a unique frame of reference wherein different departments are to be handled so that we have a balanced approach while considering other treatment methods.


Highlight the unique aspect 

  • Highlighting the unique aspect helps make clear goals with respect to those aspects, making them stand out of the crowd.
  • Certain features can be highlighted, which can only be assessed by a thorough market analysis.
  • Highlighting unique treatment methods, best specialists of specific departments and hospital infrastructure are crucial aspects that help accentuate your market position.

Making an eye-appealing Website 

  • Displaying hospitals’ pictures showcasing its infrastructural and treatment facilities with a professional photography team deployed to work can do things that one may not possibly anticipate.
  • Making different sections for different treatments is standard practice, but complimenting it with GIFs, infographics, etc., can make a substantial difference in the treatment.
  • Always provide a lead magnet which will translate into more conversions.


Deploy Different Channels of Advertisement 

The use of social media with more focus on visual representation is a big differentiator.

Hospitals can comfortably go for TV-based ads, which enhances the reputation of a hospital.

Paid channels of advertisement should be deployed since they are the best tool for lead generation and augment your presence.



Individual Doctor’s Marketing

Individual Doctor’s marketing has by and large similar marketing elements, but the scale and scope vary broadly. They have different challenges and different solutions. So there should be a different strategy for them, and it shouldn’t be conflated with that of a hospital. Healthcare marketing agencies are most likely to commit this error and end up wasting resources.


Patient Retention 

  • Establishing a connection with patients post-treatment should be emphasized in the case of individual doctors. Patient retention becomes way more manageable when you have a communication channel, and it can be emails, phone calls, etc.
  • As per a recent survey, around 23% of healthcare industries witness an average open rate, and the click-through rate is roughly about 4%.
  • Communicating through patients can be multi-faceted, from wishing the patients on their birthdays to regular communication on their well-being.


Use of Alternate Method of Consultation 

  • Video Consultations are becoming popular nowadays, and big hospitals are readily adopting them. Individual doctors can do it more readily since the overall setup cost is less and the required infrastructure is quite reasonable.
  • Telephonic consultation is also gaining much traction nowadays, which is not much prevalent in India. It can be a real game-changer for an individual doctor to provide such service, and it can be easily infused as a paid-service.


Reputation Management


  • Although it is not restricted to individual doctors, it is of paramount importance to individual doctors.


  • Hiring a specialized agency can make a real difference which starts yielding in the first few months. Branding Pioneers has dealt with renowned Hospital groups and Individual Specialists, and their results speak for themselves.


  • Reputation Management can enable a much larger section of people to know about a Doctor’s specialization and explicitly highlighting the aspects which can help in Reputation Building.


These are some of the fundamental differences one should always consider while strategizing for different clients. Taking a blanket approach to Healthcare marketing can be a fatal mistake for both the agency and the client. Branding Pioneers has built a name in the digital healthcare space wherein we ensure Brand Management is done as per your needs and the market’s prevailing conditions.

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