5 factors to consider to create the best user experience for your medical website

Out of the 4.5 billion people that have access to the internet, about 4.18 billion have access to the internet from their mobile phones. Most people today prefer to use the internet on their mobile devices for their everyday needs. 

When it comes to starting a medical website, we must make it a point to ensure that the website is as user friendly as possible. Websites are a great way to conduct business on the internet. They are an asset to every medical organisation.

Out of all the ways to market your business online, a website is one of the best options. A good website should offer a great user experience. A great user experience can help your business drive revenue. 

The website experience that your visitor goes through has a huge influence on the success of your business. Every healthcare organisation needs to leverage the interest to their advantage. 

Websites are the best tool to market to your target audience without having to spend huge amounts of money. Websites can serve as a point of contact between you and your target audience. It can help your target audience understand what you have to offer to them in a few clicks. 


In today’s day and age, people expect a lot more from websites. It is no more about using keywords only. Website designing now gives a lot more importance to user experience. Here are some factors that you must consider to create the best user experience for your medical website: 

Offer Easy Navigation: 

The find-ability on your website should be easy. To create the ultimate user experience, navigation between the pages should be hassle-free. When someone visits your website, they should be able to find exactly what they are looking for without having to spend a lot of time finding it. If your visitors can scroll and navigate between pages immediately, they are more like to spend time on your website which will ultimately help in increasing the chances of conversions.

Create Useful Content: 

In every medical website, the content offered should be of use to the audience. Whether you are offering a product, or a service or something else, it should be of the value to those who visit your website. Today, the audience on the internet want more than just marketing and advertising. 

Ensure Credibility: 

The best way to win the visitors on your website is to offer them credibility. There is a lot of competition in the world of the internet today and it is just growing with each passing day. The audience enjoys having options available to them, therefore, winning their trust towards your organisation or business is of crucial importance. This is possible by making the website user-friendly and offering a good user experience. 

Create Value: 

Everything that you offer on your website should be of value to your audience. Only if your website offers them something different from your competitors are they likely to spend time on it. 

Drive Interest: 

Getting your audience interested in your product or service is not a piece of cake. The success of every business is highly dependent on its ability to create a desire in the minds of its consumers. The best way to drive interest of your audience is to have an exceptional website design to support your products and services. 


What is the E-A-T Score? And why do you need it?

Google’s E-A-T score is one of the most important factors that can help you improve your rankings by optimising the right thing on your website. 

As a part of Google’s ongoing plan, E-A-T score is an attempt to direct people towards creating quality content. The ultimate goal of this score is to make the content better for users.  

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. 

Expertise stands for expert knowledge in a particular field. This is important for content creators as google expects them to be experts in whichever topics they choose to write on. Those responsible for content creation should explain details in relevant areas and should refrain from spreading misinformation. Along with that, credentials backing up the expertise should be on display preferably. Content creators should stick to the topic and answer questions that are being asked. 

Authority stands for the power to give orders and make decisions. Through this, Google expects the content creator to be trusted for all the information he/she shares with the audience. Content created for the websites should be factually accurate. Google also expects the content on the main page to be relevant to the other pages on the website to maintain authority on one particular topic sitewide. 

Trust stands for the ability to be trusted by the audience. To be on Google’s SERPs, people need to know that your organisation is trustworthy. Google expects the content created for the website, to be honest. The key to a successful website is trustworthiness and honesty in doing business. Adding pages to introduce the organisation, embedding maps to show the location etc. can garner trust. Other things a website must include are privacy policies, return policies, testimonials, awards, accolades etc. 

As per Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines, a high-quality page should have the following: 

-a high level of E-A-T- expertise, authority and trust

-the content should be of high-quality, descriptive and should have good title

-the website should have information about who is responsible for the website

The impact of E-A-T on SERPs 

Google’s  E-A-T is an important algorithm as it is designed to ensure that the websites and the content on the websites are well written, authoritative and trustworthy. It evaluates websites according to Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines. As quality raters can’t directly influence a website’s individual rank, their findings can be cross-referenced with Search Engine Result Pages to ensure that the websites with high-quality content are ranked higher. 

Quality Rater Guidelines

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines are a document that includes the guidelines for the sole purpose of rating websites. This document is given to people employed by Google for quality rating. The Quality Rater Guidelines outline how the site needs to be rated and the conditions and elements that need to be considered when the site is being rated. 

The feedback that is generated from the quality rater is used for evaluation of Google’s algorithm. The guidelines divide the pages into five categories including lowest, low, medium, high and highest quality. 

The order which the raters are asked to consider are: 

-purpose of the page

-E-A-T score of the content

-quality and amount of the main content

-information about the content creator of the main content

-reputation of the content creator of the main content

The guidelines however don’t mention certain other factors which can also influence search engine optimisation. 

How to ask patients to write reviews?

Every healthcare provider has the same question in mind- how do I get positive reviews? All doctors, physicians, and medical professionals know the impact of positive reviews. As much as 78% of patients searching for medical services online take reviews in consideration while making their final decision. 

There can be two reasons why a healthcare provider does not have positive reviews. First reason is that the healthcare provider is good at his job but doesn’t have time to chase his patients to write reviews for him and second reason is that the healthcare provider yet doesn’t understand the importance of positive google reviews. 

The truth is that positive Google reviews can help doctors and medical clinics generate new leads and gain patients. But it is also true that doctors don’t have time to chase patients and convince them to write positive google reviews for them. 

This is where the role of a digital marketing company like ours comes into play. Digital marketing companies can help doctors and medical professionals develop a successful marketing strategy and plan of action for targeted advertising. All the lead conversions, through our approach, can write positive google reviews for your medical practice. 

Branding Pioneers is one of the few digital marketing companies focussing on doctors and healthcare providers solely. Over four years, we have collaborated with 100+ doctors and hospitals all over India to help them build their presence online.

Here is how we get started on getting positive google reviews for our partner doctors

Claim Google My Business Listing: Google My Business listing is a must-have if you are a doctor. The first step to getting positive google reviews is to make a profile on Google My Business. Google My Business listing is important as it helps to further manage business information on Google Maps and Google Search. This way you patients can find you and leave you a review easily. 

Respond to Reviews: Responding to reviews can help to improve your image in the minds of your patients and potential patients. As much as 53% of consumers expect a review response from the service provider. Taking out time to respond to reviews can help enhance your online reputation. 

Here are a few ways you can get google reviews: 

Google My Business Marketing Kit: When it comes to Google My Business Marketing Kit, the website lets you personalise marketing material that can help your existing reviews and other business information into social media posts, stickers etc. to promote your business on all online mediums. 

Landing Page: Creating a dedicated landing page can help to get positive Google reviews. A customised landing page can help to encourage customers to talk about their experience with you. Some important aspects that need to be covered are touchpoints that can drive your patients to the page. Landing pages are easily shareable. 

Email Marketing: Emails are an underrated tool in India, however, they are quite effective when it comes to patient feedback. The best way to drive your patients into writing positive google reviews is by keeping the message in email short and authentic. Adding a link to your Google My Business Listing can make it easy for you as well as your patients to leave feedback. 

Make your patient happy: Lastly, the most effective way to get positive Google reviews is indeed by making your patients happy. By delivering an exceptional service for your patients, you can be sure of getting positive google reviews. 

As long as you follow these steps with consistency, you can be sure of getting google reviews. Google reviews are helpful in many ways. They can tell you about your strengths and weaknesses. They also serve as social proof for your brand and help you stand out. 

Importance of Branding for Healthcare Companies in 2020

Most of us are familiar with the term “branding.” It is a common market practice done by most companies. It helps to create a name, symbol, or a design that can be identified easily. Branding also helps a product or service to stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors. 

Branding is not restricted to a particular industry, product or service. It can be practised across all verticals. Branding is critical to a business and its success. It can change the way people perceive your product or service. It can help to drive new business outcomes and improve brand awareness. 

One industry where branding is finally gaining momentum is Healthcare. The opportunity for branding in Healthcare was not something the companies were accustomed to but slowly and steadily, things are changing. The scope of branding in the healthcare industry is endless. 

For the longest time, the healthcare industry had worked on referrals. However, due to growing competition, the dominance of social media and the power of consumers have turned the tables for this industry. With each passing day, the healthcare industry is becoming more and more consumer-centric. 

Here are 5 ways to make your healthcare business stand out with the help of branding


Identity is the first step to branding. Unless you have an identity, your prospects will not be able to tell you apart. Identity can include the colour palette, font size, font style etc. By using symbols, one-liners, mottos can help to position your brand in the mind of the consumer. It is the first step to a brand’s distinctiveness. Hiring a digital healthcare agency can help your business immensely. A digital healthcare agency can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. It can also help you design a distinguishing logo and build a lasting trust in the mind of the consumers. 


When it comes to healthcare, there is no limit to engaging content. Using content to discuss important topics, frequently asked questions by the patients and reveal real patient stories can be an effective way to engage with your consumers. Using content to convey the right facts with the help of patient stories, blog posts, and infographics can attract a large number of people. Content can also be used for b2b healthcare marketing by sharing insights, case studies, e-books and webinars. 


Just like other industries, the Healthcare Industry also faces cut-throat competition. To gain strategic advantage, strong positioning of your healthcare brand of utmost importance. Positioning your healthcare brand can go a long way in the dynamic landscape of the industry. Brand positioning can create a unique image in the mind of the consumer and set your brand apart. 

What is the application of Telemedicine in today’s day and age?

The healthcare industry in India has been one of the fastest-growing. India is a pioneer when it comes to cost-effective advanced medical care. Every year, India attracted lakhs of international patients. Medical tourism in India was expected to be valued at $9 billion.

Throughout the pandemic, the healthcare sector in India has been the point of attraction for reasons-right and wrong. The unprecedented Covid began by disrupting all industries and business activities, let alone healthcare.

Ever since the lockdown was announced, the OPD footfall fell, the international patients put their medical plans on hold and very few surgeries were performed. Along with all this, the hospital activities were down by as much as 80% with many doctors and medical staff being out of work or not getting paid.

But just like there is a way out to every problem, Telemedicine was the way out for the healthcare industry.


Telemedicine is the practice of taking care of patients remotely when the healthcare professional and patient can not meet physically at one place for evaluation. With the help of advancements and the internet, modern technology allowed patients to consult doctors whenever they needed with the help of video conferencing, internet telecommunications, mobile devices and other tools.

Telemedicine helped make healthcare more accessible during trying times such as Covid. It provided patients and doctors with a solution that was cost-effective, time-saving while also increasing patient engagement.

Even though telemedicine has been around for quite some time, its use and application increased tremendously during the nation-wide lockdown. It helped to look after the senior citizens of our country virtually by minimizing the risk of them contacting covid to zero.

With the availability of internet across many rural cities and villages in India, it allowed patients who had to travel to bigger cities to contact doctors from the comfort of their home. Telemedicine allowed medical professionals and physicians to connect in real-time and share information.

Benefits of Telemedicine to Healthcare Professionals

Telemedicine allowed physicians, doctors and medical staff that suffered tremendously during the initial days of lockdown to provide care to their patients more efficiently. Through the use of integrated technologies, electronic medical records, diagnosis allowed doctors to provide better treatment. It also allowed doctors to monitor their patients in real-time. This helped medical professionals to earn revenue while also looking after their patients. Medical professionals were also able to save on time as well on the cost of physical office space.

Benefits of Telemedicine to Patients

As the lockdown was very sudden, most people didn’t get time to prepare themselves for a situation such as this. With the help of telemedicine, patients were able to get access to health care services virtually without having to leave their homes. This also helped in reducing the spread of the virus as patients didn’t need to physically go to a hospital or clinic to visit the doctor. Telemedicine turned out to be most useful for those who had children and elders at home. It also helped patients in saving time and cost as they didn’t have to travel to the hospital or wait in line before their appointments.

Telemedicine has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months. For patients as well as doctors, telemedicine is likely to be around. As patients have experienced reduced waiting time and good medical care, they have become more accepting of telemedicine. At the same time, doctors have witnessed better patient outcomes and revenue generation. Telemedicine has made healthcare more accessible to small cities and rural areas through the easy availability of the internet. The future of telemedicine is bright as in the coming times we expect telemedicine to be the part of the “new normal.”

Online Marketing Strategies and Solutions for Gynecologist

A Gynaecologist deals in health issues of female organs and the reproductive system. A gynaecologist is trained to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders in the reproductive system. She plays an important role in pregnancy and the treatment of serious reproductive problems such as infertility or reproductive cancer.

As a Gynaecologist, you are always looking for ways to bring new patients to your clinic/hospital. However, you may have found that the marketing methods you once relied on are not as effective as they used to be and you are facing strong competition from other Gynaecologists with a bigger budget.

There are numerous marketing methods a Gynaecologist can use to expose her abilities to a wider audience, and they are cost-effective and powerful. They require nothing more than a website, your time, and a commitment to online marketing.

Online Marketing Services for Gynecologist

Online marketing for Gynaecologists includes a range of strategies, from advertising on search engines like Google to designing a mobile-friendly website. The web now offers substantial growth opportunities for Gynaecologists. A digital marketing expert creates a complete blueprint for online promotion of the client. A digital marketing carries out necessary marketing through several methods such as email, backlinking, social media and website etc.

For online marketing, first of all, a Gynaecologist should design her website which considers the purpose, products, services, mission and vision. The website should be interesting so that the user is attracted to the website.

Why is online marketing for Gynecologist useful?

Earlier, doctors with new practices relied on traditional methods such as billboards, printed materials and newspaper ads to attract possible patients but digital marketing has opened up new doors for Gynaecologists to connect and establish relationships with potential patients. This is mainly because online or a digital marketing ushered in two-way communication in marketing as well as audience targeting.

The benefits of online marketing for Gynecologist:

Increase Patient Base: A Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency will provide strategic and execution support to the organization that results in increasing its web presence, acquiring new patients, and re-engaging patients of the past. Agency will help its client in building a reputation to ensure that the patients feel confident before they visit for a consultation.

Better relationship: Having a website can build better relationships with your patients. You can send messages to your patients instantly via email. Also, your patients can go through your blogs which might help them in their pregnancy.

Social media marketing: It is one of the emerging methods of marketing these days. Gynaecologists can share their videos, audio, text and images with their patients through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc., It will allow Gynaecologists to build their online presence and connect directly with their patients.

Online Marketing Tools for Gynecologist

Several tools can be used to build and maintain a strong online marketing program:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

Conclusion: Online marketing services offered by a healthcare digital marketing agency is a set of tools and methodology used to promote products and services through the Internet. Online marketing is also known as Internet marketing, web marketing, digital marketing & search engine marketing.

How Healthcare Can Benefit from Digital Marketing?

The Indian Health care industry has contributed significantly to Indian and global health outcomes. Digital technology is playing an ever-increasing role in this era of rapidly changing patients/physicians, featuring a new range of customers, etc. As customers are becoming increasingly vibrant and interactive in the digital world, medicine is doing its job well in the digital age.

There are many benefits of Digital Marketing for Doctors, Hospitals & Clinics, we are pointing few:

  • Digital marketing reduces the spending on marketing by opening up loads of tiny yet effective marketing mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Content marketing, website, and many more.
  • It lets a hospital engage its patients with alluring and informative content and infographics.
  • Through digital marketing or social media marketing, you can directly interact with potential patients.
  • With regular updates, health care franchisee can maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the patients.
  • Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing Professionals offer increased chances of personified marketing experience to the medical sector.
  • Digital marketing is time-efficient, pocket-friendly, instant, effective and it offers the best possible revenue over the marketing spend.

Digital marketing is a marketing done via the internet and electronic media and it can also be called online marketing. Social media, online services, email, search engine optimization are used as tools in digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Hospitals and medical Sector?

More Effective: Digital Marketing is more effective than old and traditional marketing. This is equally important for small Hospitals and clinics because they do not have many resources or a lot of capital. Digital Marketing could offer you with a cheaper and more effective advertising medium.

A better way to share the updates about the services offered by the hospital: By using digital content, you can provide information to consumers more effectively by sending advertisements, direct mail or email. The strength of your online presence is now directly linked to the success of your organization.

Mobile-friendly websites: Technology has evolved so much that mobile phones are now considered as an alternative to personal computers or laptops. A large group of consumers are using their mobile devices daily, so you must use a marketing solution that targets these devices properly. And ask your developer to develop a Mobile-friendly website.

Track your patient’s Activities: By using analytics services such as Google Analytics, you will be able to monitor the actions, preferences of all your customers and get better insights into their behaviour. Analytics allows you to create lists of your patients so that you can get the right analysis.

Business Growth: If a hospital organization or a medical care unit uses online tools then it can easily measure its success by incoming traffic that converts into customers, leads and thus your conversion can calculate and improve rates.

Get ahead of your competitors: Most hospital organizations have already abandoned traditional advertising methods by joining Google Ad-words, SEO or social media. With so many competitors it is very difficult to market your small hospitals and get ahead in the competition.

Conclusion: It is important to understand the importance of implementing digital marketing in your health care organizational strategy. The use of digital media in the 21st century is not only a wise investment decision but also necessary. Efficient marketing channel with many benefits can help to grow and expand your organization.

Health Care Marketing

The socio-economic development of any country depends on the healthy citizens of that country. The key to the development of any country is healthy citizens of that country. India is the world’s leading economy in terms of gross national income. But when it comes to health services, our situation proves to be very pathetic. Health care is more important in India and it can be achieved by a proper Health care marketing.

New experiments are being done in medical science. In such a situation, the health services sector has also become a well-organized industry. Just as skilled manpower related to administration, finance, marketing, public relations, IT, sales, accounting etc. is required for the efficient operation of a company or industry, the same need is now being felt in the field of health care services.

What is Health Care Marketing?

Health care marketing is a form of marketing tailored to the needs of the health care industry. Like other forms of marketing, it is used to create a product or service image and to develop a loyal customer base. Firms specializing in health care marketing provide a range of services, and some companies operating in the healthcare industry have their advertising departments to handle their promotional needs.

The health care industry presents many options for consumers. Marketing that affects those choices may push consumers in the direction of particular products, services, or providers. Health care marketing can be used to market individual physicians, facilities, procedures, or devices. It can also be used as an educational tool to provide patients with information about their rights and to inform people about medical issues.

Health Care Marketing

Planning for a Right Health Care Marketing

Campaigns for health care marketing should be developed in a sensitive manner. Health is seen by many as an individual matter and marketing can be rejected by consumers as rejecting the wrong tone. This is particularly true in the case of targeted marketing.

For example, consumers may feel that their privacy is under attack when they receive their marketing delivered due to recent health care purchases. Companies developing advertising campaigns for the health care industry take special care to familiarize themselves with the demographics they intend to appeal to and develop a campaign that will be engaging and interesting without feeling aggressive.

Ways to communicate Health Care products via Marketing

Health care marketing includes print advertisements, billboards, signage on bus shelters, radio advertisements and television spots in magazines and newspapers. It may also include managing a brand’s image through the use of press releases, press conferences and other events targeted at the media. Depending on the company and product, marketing can be designed to set a variety of tones, ranging from one that can appeal to younger consumers to one that addresses people with embarrassing medical issues.

Medical Coworking in India

Medical co-working space in India is emerging as a new opportunity for medical practitioners to expand their area of working. 

Medical Co-working space refers to space wherein individual medical practitioners share a common workspace where the people are independent to choose how to work. It is an area where individuals share the same medical practices. It is a special and extended form of practice where the doctors are away from the cooperative competence and are more connected to their patients and work.

Medical co-working gives the benefit to concentrate only on the patients rather than worrying about the work-related to managing the space, handling the logistics, and other operational problems. It allows you to combine your experience with data and understanding, instead of leaving patient health to the data-driven strategies that optimize for margin alone. You have the freedom to run your practice as you see fit.

Medical coworking is an emerging trend in India. With innumerable benefits, its scope is expanding. Today, India is ranking as the second-largest market for flexible workspace in the Asia-Pacific region after China with over 1,000 co-working spaces.

Several benefits are associated with this trending approach. The five biggest advantages of a medical coworking are – 

  • Lowers startup costs
  • Focus on Patients
  • Increased flexibility
  • Top-Notch Services
  • Networking opportunities
Lowers Startup Costs

Lowers Startup Costs – Shared medical space shun the investment cost that is often required to establish a new startup or start your own private practice. All the costs related to appropriate machines and pieces of equipment, staff, administrative costs, and other additional costs are taken care of already.

Focus on Patients

Focus on Patients – Medical co-working allows you to make efficient use of your talent. This initiative is designed in a way that your focus can be on the patients rather than worrying about managing and operations.

Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility – Another great benefit of medical coworking is the amount of flexibility it offers to healthcare providers. Medical coworking spaces offer a lot of flexibility in the policies they provide, so you can choose an option that fits with your budget, the way you want to work. It allows you to have complete independence.

Top-Notch Services

Top-Notch Services- Coworking has become a widespread choice. It purposes to provide efficient coworking spaces with excellent working area, cutting edge technology, and premium hospitality to give you a truly inspiring experience.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities – Medical Coworking allows you to have networking opportunities. This helps to expand your knowledge and expertise. You will be surrounded by healthcare practitioners from different fields and expert areas. Coworking allows you to get interact with others and have more diversification.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, Coworking allows the practitioners to have full control over their practice and have a smooth and low-risk set up with all the financial and operational assistance. 

Medical co-working is a hot trend that is sustainable and lets you have freedom and independence.

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