Premium Maternity Care Hospital Marketing

Child Birth is a momentous occasion for any couple, and money isn’t a significant factor. This factor accentuates to an altogether new level in Premium Maternity Hospitals. The patient base is distinct, and their concerns include safe childbirth and best in class post-birth care.


What are the challenges associated with the digital marketing of the Premium Segment Maternity Hospital?

  • To be aware of the needs of customers wherein they are least concerned about the monetary aspect.
  • Identifying the customer base since only well-heeled people can afford Premium Maternity Hospitals.
  • Targeting through social-media in groups used by the relatively affluent class of the society.
  • Use of video ads and other visual media to showcase the kind of amenities provided by the hospital.
  • Re-designing website to give an aesthetic appeal reflecting the class of treatment the hospital provides.


Transforming Challenges to Opportunities


Needs of the Customer:

  • One of the biggest mistakes in Healthcare Marketing is conflating the needs of customers with your goals.
  • Understanding the demands of an elite section of patients involves extensive research that requires adaptation of global best practices. The amenities provided by high-end hospitals in Western Countries can be a benchmark to uplift the hospital’s overall performance.
  • A high-end hospital is expected to have top in-line non-medical facilities too, and highlighting them on your website can be an excellent puller for patients seeking high-class treatment.
  • Patients seeking treatment in such hospitals are usually well-aware of the latest advancement, so displaying those advance treatments on your websites front section can substantiate your claim of a premium hospital.




Targeting the Audience:

  • A well-planned strategy needs to be put in place to ascertain the Target Audience, which involves social media, ad campaigns, lead generation, etc.
  • Tie-up with other big brands will increase your brand value in the sight of your target audience, which, in a way, will be a significant addendum.
  • Doctor’s profile management is yet another tool that is very efficient to increase conversions. Putting the experience, specialised treatment, etc., will give the visitor a sense of assurance of the treatment’s qualitative aspect.
  • Putting up ads with other high-end products and services will make your ad reach society’s desired section.


Use of Social Media:

  • Use of Social Media in a planned manner with a focus on high-end social groups, running ads at trans-national locations, etc., is poised to optimise your patient walk-ins.
  • Handing out reviews on specific landing pages with excellent quality content describing the treatment methods will not only expand your reach but also optimise the conversion rate.
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., can be of great help, but running campaigns with potential customers in mind will ultimately yield results. Non-strategised and unplanned ad campaigns will not lead to desired results. Instead, it will be a waste of resources at best.



Video ads and Other Visual Media:

  • The use of video ads is one of the best things for marketing premium hospitals since they spend a lot on aesthetics and appearance. Showcasing these qualities through video-ads makes an appeal to the patients seeking maternity treatment in a Premium hospital.
  • Videos’ use to explain Complex treatment methods and availability of advanced equipment has worked for many hospitals. Branding Pioneers has a well-equipped facility for video production with India’s best ad-producers at its state-of-art video production Centre.
  • The use of YouTube videos and video ads for patient reviews assures a prospective customer about maternity care at a premium hospital.



Designing Website to give an affluent look:

  • Anyone who clicks on an ad is directed towards your website, and it has been proved through various scientific studies that a prospective patient takes the decision sub-consciously in the first few seconds.
  • The appearance of a website providing premium service always looks premium. For instance, take any brand used by well-heeled people, e.g. Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Hyatt group of Hotels, etc., there is one common thing, and it is their stunning website. So Why shall a Premium Maternity Hospital be any different?
  • All the information that ensures the qualitative aspect should be highlighted in a fluidic manner without getting from one section to another. All the statistics, Modern Amenities, Satisfied Patients, Infrastructure of the Hospital should take the front space in a slider.
  • “Call Button” should be put in such a place and such a manner that it takes minimum space and easily visible.


Branding Pioneers has worked with one of India’s most premium hospital groups. Our marketing services provide you with a comprehensive service from in-house video production, the best content for content marketing, well-experienced SEO teams, marketing strategists, and many other services. Scaling-up your business is our commitment, and the long list of clients is a testimony to our efforts.

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