We hired a new intern and you won’t believe who it is!

Interns. A much talked about topic among students in college. Each year, millions of students try to get internships, to add some valuable experience towards their desired career. 

In this race of getting the best internship offer, students apply to various companies across different industries. Many big companies also take advantage of this situation to get their work done for free in return for a certificate. 

Whether this is ethical or not, is still up for debate! 

Learning is a lifelong process. It doesn’t have an endpoint and it doesn’t have an age bar. 

In our country, many seniors take retirement or have to succumb to it once they hit their 60s. To let their “experience never go out of fashion,” as mentioned in the movie- The Intern, we decided to help middle-aged professionals get back on their career track. 

We know that hiring middle-aged professionals is not a new concept but in a run get a job post-retirement, many of these professionals are forced to take up unpaid positions. Undoubtedly, an unpaid position is the last thing, someone with an established portfolio needs. 

To make a change in this back-dated concept of unpaid internships, we recently hired Mr. Govind Kumar Bagdia for a full-time paid offer.

Mr. Govind Kumar Bagdia is 64-years old and retired only last year after contributing 40+ years of his life to the corporate world. Despite being from a well-to-do family, his passion for learning and mentoring didn’t retire with his job. 

When we came across his profile, we knew we had to bring him on-board for the great asset that he was. Within a few days, he happily accepted our offer. 

Irrespective of our professional experiences, we know that both sides have a lot to offer and a lot to learn. We are extremely excited for the future and for all the progress we will make together as a team. 

Welcome, on-board Mr. Govind Kumar Bagdia!

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