What is the future of digital marketing in India?

There is often discussion around the future of digital marketing in India. Is it bright or is it dark? The pandemic has forced all of us to change in some way or the other, but one thing that remains common is the internet. Through the beginning of the lockdown, the consumption of the internet has increased tremendously.

Today, over a billion people are using the internet. With easy and cheap availability of data along with affordable smartphones, people’s dependence on the internet has increased tremendously.

Businesses are shifting to the online space for the huge number of opportunities it offers. It is much easier for businesses to engage with their target audience and generate revenue.

Here are a few reasons why the future is in favour of Digital Marketing:

Increased number of internet users:

When we talk about the increased number of internet users, we must remember that this term includes consumers as well as sellers. Most people who preferred to shop offline have now shifted to online shopping due to circumstances. There is a high chance that the convenience offered in online shopping will make them permanently switch to it. Businesses, too, find the online space more beneficial as they require lesser manpower and everything is possible in the click of a button.

New businesses are going digital:

In the last couple of years, the online space has provided opportunities to so many businesses. Many of the new businesses are solely working through the internet and doing well for themselves. The platform has helped so many businesses market and promote their product to the right target audience without the need for any additional manpower or physical presence. Digital marketing is highly economical as even the businesses with a small budget can reach out to a large number of people.

Digital Marketing Courses:

With the increased application of digital marketing today, many of India’s top institutes have started offering digital marketing courses. These courses range from specialisation in one topic to an overall understanding of digital marketing. With everyone working remotely these days, a lot of these courses are fully online. Digital marketing courses are a plus factor as they help to accelerate the career of those interested in entering the field of digital marketing.

Affordable and Accessible Internet:

Ever since the internet in India became extremely cheap, there was a big boom in the digital marketing industry. As the number of internet users kept increasing, so did their business activity. Cheap data prices helped in making the internet accessible to the smallest parts of India. This served as an opportunity for businesses and consumers. It became very easy for everyone to stay connected.

Digital India Initiative by the Government of India:

The Digital India initiative by the Modi-led Government ensured that the Government’s services were easily available to citizens. The mission was started in 2015 and focussed on improving the online infrastructure and improving internet connectivity thus making India empowered in the field of technology. The initiative has been highly successful through its initiatives like Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile initiative that provided digital identity as well as access to the banking system to millions of Indians.

In all, Digital Marketing has a bright future in India. With an increasing number of internet users with each passing day, we can be positive that the future of marketing is going digital.

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