Why should you consider a Wikipedia Page for your business?

Wikipedia went online in 2001. Since then, it has grown tremendously. By offering a library of information, Wikipedia is the first stop for many in the world who are searching for answers to their questions. 

Earlier this year, Wikipedia asked its users for donations to keep the site running. This left many users confused and puzzled. The truth is, unlike most other websites on the internet, Wikipedia is one of the only few free websites that offers knowledge at zero cost. 

Being the eighth most popular website on the internet today, Wikipedia uses volunteer contributors, editors, and engineers to keep its operations running and be available to users across the world for free. 

Over the years, with the help of fundraising campaigns and corporate funding, Wikipedia stayed afloat. But with the increasing number of users relying on Wikipedia as their source of information, it needed to keep its content updated and relevant for its readers. 

Now, why should a business have a Wikipedia page? 

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites. It is also considered a high-authority site as Google’s knowledge graph sources most of its information from Wikipedia. Having a page for your business on Wikipedia improves credibility, reputation and helps you raise your status on the web. 

Wikipedia can help businesses with attracting customers and generating leads. For a business to create a Wikipedia page, it must be notable. The business should have some products or services that are well known. Wikipedia guidelines include all the details relating to the same. 

Sometimes, Wikipedia editors can merge pages of small businesses that are not-so-notable with existing articles instead of allowing a separate page for such businesses. 

Few things to keep in mind while preparing a Wikipedia page are citation and showcasing your business’ achievements. If your business or your company’s product or service has been mentioned in media sites, articles on popular sites, and press releases, adding their citations can help your business’ page. Mentioning awards won on the Wikipedia page can also play to your business’ advantage. 

Always keep in mind that creating a Wikipedia page can take time. Always remember to follow the guidelines mentioned by Wikipedia for page creation and play by these rules. Once the page has been submitted, continue looking for the editor’s comments and update your page. 

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