Why Use Instagram As A HealthCare Marketing Tool?

We, as a generation, are highly dependent on the use of the internet. Social Media is our second home. There is not a second when we are free, and we are not using social media. It is by far an excellent way to stay in touch with people you know. The use of social media, over the years, has changed from its mere use for communication to being a virtual hub for businesses. As for a business owner, he will be where his consumers will be. Therefore, social media is now the home to most companies, and it has been conclusively proven to help in improving the sales of these businesses.

Other than Facebook, where almost a billion people are active every day all over the world, another emerging social media platform, especially for the younger generation, is Instagram. Instagram has risen to the top in terms of popularity, with almost 800 million active users every month. This is much more than that of Twitter and LinkedIn combined. Therefore, it is astounding that the healthcare sector has been able to have its piece of cake.

Healthcare Industry, to date, has been slow at embracing changes taking place around us. For a fact, they have been one of the last industries to make use of a successful healthcare marketing strategy. When it comes to marketing on instagram, it is essential to realize that the goal is not to focus on the number but to be able to cater to the audience correctly.

Recently, many private practitioners and hospitals have started to consider marketing on Instagram. They are much more open to exploring new platforms as long as they are interacting with the right audiences. Some healthcare professionals are not sure of what Instagram can offer to the healthcare business.

Even though many think that Instagram is home to only millennials, this is not entirely true. In reality, just as many as 25 years to 34 years old people use instagram, and they make up for 32% of its users, which is the same number as of 18 years to 25 years. In total, only 7% of teens make up for total instagram users. And about 15% of users are between 35 years to 44 years of age.

These facts are just enough for healthcare providers to decide for themselves if they want to build their presence online or not. As it is easily attainable to reach these people on Instagram, it is only possible if one has an excellent healthcare marketing strategy in place. Here is how a healthcare provider can use instagram to his advantage:

01. Build Credibility & Educate Patients

Everyone knows that the internet has a lot of information which is incorrect and untrue. When it comes to healthcare, such information can adversely affect people. People spread rumours and fake news, which is not even existent. Doctors, Healthcare Providers and Medical Organisations, can use this as an opportunity to combat this problem by correctly giving out the right factual information. They use this position to build a name for themselves and establish an image.

Instagram is a place where people are looking for answers. Healthcare providers can leverage their knowledge for their benefit. Building content that is of high quality and credible can become very popular and help patients with their health issues. For those wanting to grow organically, not wanting to use any paid promotion will need to post frequently to keep the audience engaged.

02. Outsource and Hire the Brightest

Since a doctor’s plate is always full and preoccupied with a lot more important things, it is best to outsource managing healthcare marketing to a digital marketing agency which has good experience in this field.

Instagram is all our aesthetics, and it is a highly visual platform with less spoken words. It is an excellent way to show off the organization and the culture of the organization. This ensures transparency on the part of the audience, and they can attract a larger audience so that they can understand how your organization is committed to its values.

03. Instagram Ads to attract new patients

Even after having a broad audience, your audience doesn’t need to end up being your patient and book an appointment with you. But with the help of Instagram ads, a healthcare provider can target your audience precisely. The ads can be based on age, location, interests and several other things.

Instagram ads, unlike the traditional ads, are inexpensive and easily affordable. With the right healthcare marketing strategy in place, the healthcare provider can target the right audience and can engage with prospective patients on a positive note.

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