Marketing Oncology Treatments

With the growing number of cancer patients and new research, oncology treatment is among the most sought treatments. It is an uphill task for a new establishment to beat the existing players who have their names on top. As marketing agencies usually take a “One Size fits all” approach, the branding process starts reflecting mediocrity in strategy.

What are the Challenges in Marketing Oncology Department?

  • Healthcare marketing companies always mistakes Oncology with other departments, and hence a generalise strategy is presented.
  • With the growing number of cancer hospitals, the competition has become stiff.
  • Since it is a lengthy treatment process, getting a patient is more challenging than retaining.
  • Big Hospitals get more funding as they are backed mainly by big corporates, so smaller brands somehow lag.
  • Varying market demands a constant change in marketing strategies which Branding Agencies seldom do.


Juxtaposing Oncology Marketing with Other Departments

  • The marketing Oncology department needs a deep understanding of the department, keeping up with new treatment methods, updating SEOs to keep up the page ranking, and many other distinct marketing strategies.
  • Healthcare marketing is less of a highway and more of a crowded market place. To create the maximum impact in the digital space, you need to be explicit in showing what you are providing.
  • Most of the departments in a hospital need not have a pool of well-known doctors. But when it comes to Oncology, the Doctor reputation management plays a crucial role in the department’s overall branding.
  • The cost of treatment varies in different medical treatments, but Cancer treatment is still one of the costliest treatment. So, targeting patients has to be done with the utmost care by considering the average treatment cost, spending capability of the target audience, and many other factors.


Stiff Competition

Ancient Roman Poet Ovid said, “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”

  • Understanding the nature of competition always makes you future-ready. It also helps in you better strategising and making amends necessary for your enhanced presence in the market.
  • Comprehensive research on the competition can shape your strategy in a better way than anything else. For instance, knowing the most sought cancer treatment, the rate of increase of cancer patients in different locations, new equipment being used by your competitors, etc., can help you channel your efforts.
  • To excel in a cut-throat competition, make sure you offer something that none of your competitors is offering and financially viable too in the long term.


Patient Walk-ins and Patient Retention

  • In cancer treatment, patients walk-in and in most cases, they remain with the same hospital/clinic, so patient retention per se isn’t too big an issue for the Oncology department.
  • A cancer patient is always terrified, provided the kind of disease it is and the mortality rate. Ensuring that a patient continues at your hospital needs a straightforward procedure to be presented to the patient.
  • To bring patients, one needs to have a unique strategy in place. Branding Pioneers had a mid-budget Oncology treatment promotion, and we gave them an option of “Second Free Opinion.” The results were outstanding with more than Fifteen confirmed patients in one month with over 150 walk-ins.


Making the best use of available resources

  • There are big hospital groups with million-dollar investment backing, so resource management becomes paramount in the case of a low or mid-cap hospital.
  • Directing the resources with heavily banking on market analysis can help considerable funds.
  • Healthcare marketing in the digital space has a two-fold benefit. First, it saves money and second makes your Oncology treatment reach a relatively much larger audience.
  • Branding Pioneers is a leading agency with a proven track record of marketing all segment hospitals. So we have way more experience than others in our field while dealing with clients of different spending targets.


A Mosaic of Strategies

  • What worked for someone in a similar situation as yours may not work in your case. The flexibility of making amends gives you an edge over others in digital healthcare marketing.
  • Understanding the markets means a blend of strategies for a different set of challenges. For instance, google lead generation helps get conversions, but complimenting it with a series of video ads will have a complementary effect.
  • Just like the Oncology treatment is continuously changing, the digital healthcare marketing space is also changing. New tools and techniques are brought in to augment the performance, so getting sucked with a process that had successful result in the past isn’t a good decision.

Branding Pioneers has the distinction of working with India’s leading healthcare companies, Hospital Groups and Doctors. We have maintained a consistent performance with every client of ours, and this is something which has helped in maintaining our reputation over the years. Our client’s performance and satisfaction is the biggest asset which has helped us scale up over the years. We are all set to turn the spark of your handwork into flames of achievement.

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